In Order To Sell Your Home, It Must Be Aesthetically Pleasing. Here Is How To Decorate Your Home To Sell

meridith-baer-home-491-north-tigertail-2The ultimate goal of home staging is to create an atmosphere in which a buyer is able to imagine themselves living there. To imagine the future memories that they will create. Read: Home Staging Tips and Other DIY Tasks To Do Before Selling. Thus, when they are looking to find the home of their dreams to build their life and lifelong memories in, they don’t want to walk into the home feeling another person’s memories. The best way to ensure you create an atmosphere in which the buyer will envision his life there instead of yours, is to “neutralize” the surroundings.

The first (and probably most important) thing you can do, is get rid of the mess. This is the time to do what many people always put off, which is de-cluttering the house. De-cluttering means getting rid of (or putting away) all miscellaneous items that are scattered around your house. While it is a hassle to go through everything in your home, remember you are going to have to do it anyway when you officially move.

The most important rooms to focus on are all of them. However, if this is not possible, the absolute necessary rooms to stage are the the foyer, kitchen, living room, master  bedroom, and family room. The foyer is extremely important. This will set the tone for how the buyer will view the house. csm_090_9d7d1c54eb

Removing personal items from the home is very important. The buyer doesn’t want to walk in feeling like they are coming over to your house for a dinner party. They want to envision themselves hosting a dinner party with their family and friends. Read: Home Staging – Angie’s List.

There is really no excuse to not get almost all the information you need to DIY, as there are too many outlets available to do so. Great methods to find these ideas are catalogs, searching online, word of mouth, reading related books, or watching design TV shows such as HGTV, or House Hunter. All of these outlets will give you great tips and useful information. It will also give you ideas to decorate your new home!

When a potential buyer views the home, one of the most important things they will be assessing is the amount of space and storage the home has. Thus, whatever small things you have tucked away in drawers, or cabinets, will be seen.

The yard and the foyer are crucial in creating a positive first impression in the buyer’s eyes. Don’t cook anything with a pungent smell before prospective buyers  come to view the house. No one wants to walk in and smell the salmon you have just made. Also, these smells distract the buyer from having a good first impression when they walk in, because they immediately think about the smell in the air other than focusing on what the entry looks like. front-yard-flower-beds

Floors are of utmost importance when considering purchasing a home. Dirty carpets are not a good look. Not only does someone not want to have to consider the cost of replacing carpet, but it also gives off the idea that the home was not well-maintained. Staging is about making it easier for the buyer envision  themselves in the home. A great way to do this is to set the table; it is easy to do, and it makes all the difference. The buyer can see themselves having parties throughout the year.

2 thoughts on “In Order To Sell Your Home, It Must Be Aesthetically Pleasing. Here Is How To Decorate Your Home To Sell

  1. Which personal items should I remove from the home? The entire home is combined of personal items, so I am a little confused.

  2. Hi Tess,

    Personal items would include any bathroom items, family photos, magazines, and definitely clearing the refrigerator off, such as pictures and personalized magnets. The idea is for the potential buyer to envision themselves living in the home one day. They cannot do so if they feel like they are a guest in your home. I know it is extremely inconvenient, but I can promise it will be worth it!

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